Quality Customer Service for Over 60 Years

Since our founding in 1952, Communication Service Corporation (CSC) has developed the reputation of standing above the competition with the quality of our services and products. We only use telecommunication and network cabling products that meet the highest industry standards, and have decades of knowledge and experience in the proper installation, maintenance, and repair of all the products we offer.

We truly believe it is our excellent customer service that makes us one of the top telecommunications technology company. We take the time to thoroughly understand your unique needs and evaluate the best options based on our extensive knowledge and experience. After an expert installation of your system, we continue to work with you to help maintain and grow your system – which includes free phone tech support and being available 24/7 for any emergencies you may have.

We excel at meeting our customers’ needs – even as their needs evolve – and provide telecommunication solutions with the flexibility and scalability to prevent any type of system from becoming obsolete. We encourage you to contact us today by filling out our form or calling us at 831-476-9294 to see how CSC can help you with all of your telecommunication technology needs.